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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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the latest summit of pacific powers in hawaii opens a financial can of worms between the world's two biggest economies. and we were twisting the currency wars between the u.s. and china as washington calls on to start playing by the rules but china is calling its own shots we'll bring you all the latest details from honolulu just ahead in the program. syria seeks to reverse the arab league's decision to suspend it from the organization as thousands protest in damascus. russia's slams the decision accuses the west of inciting violence in the country all the details of what's coming up in just a few moments. and blasting into orbit the crew of three heads to the
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international space station it's the first launch since a similar rocket carrying an unmanned supply craft crashed back to earth. late service. eyeing russia's politics the country wants to invest in the year mali liquefied natural gas project moralism business and see in twenty minute. news live from the center of moscow this is artsy with me reception i think gathering of the pacific rim as political and economic heavyweights winds down in hawaii it's the latest rift between the globe's two centers of financial influence which is dominating the u.s. has been criticizing china first trade and currency practices i was. going to reports for the fact that next year's summit is taking place and russia could help
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to solve some of the biggest sticking points. it looks like a new cloudy chapter in the book of currency wars between the united states and china has certainly been opened here at the apec summit in honolulu as barack obama is seeing really mounting pressure at home to create more jobs and take a start a tougher stance on china he has been seeing here in honolulu that it's time for china to start playing by the rules of us currently doesn't have a lot of leverage when it comes to dealing with china as china of course is the largest foreign creditor for the united states holding over one trillion dollars in u.s. debt russia is pretty excited to host the apec summit next year in the far eastern city of lot of us stocks recently russia is not only just geographically very well strategically placed for the asia pacific. gathering and this big konami group because of the where it is on the world map it's really convenient in terms of reaching the goals of the group in terms of trade investment so on and so forth but
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it's also traditionally been a big mediator when it comes to certain misunderstandings between world players so this is certainly a good role that russia can play when it comes to continuing to develop the goals of the gathering and of course last but not least you know versions of the sessions of the world trade organization is something that the russian federation has been ready for for quite some time for almost a decade so certainly it's been ready to go this entire time so what better time than now to really spare have this gathering next year as a full fledged member of the w t o. he's an associate your reporting right but this is the u.s. and china continue to outline competing economic programs were insisting on more influence for beijing is a growing power while obama zeroed in on it china is trading decisions so on a boycott now explains the differences that have piled up between which. if there is any us state with the occupy movement has little chance it's probably hold by just like a high concentration of politicians in wall street big week socializing at the apex
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. some of the only place people are willing to occupy here on mass at the beach is with one exception these protesters are against greed and social injustice they're against the canonical equality and they are against china. i was. the mood at the podium was similar to look hostile i think we can benefit from frayed with china and i want certainly continue cultivating a. constructive relationship with the chinese government but we're going to continue to be firm in insisting that they operate by the same rules that. everybody else operates on his political opponents were even more villages around than happen to think that the. communist chinese. will in the.
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heap of history if they do not change their virtues we have to have china understand that like everybody else in the world stage if a play by the rules rules rules and again rules as a country that's been ruling the roost for decades the united states has never been shy of policing authors but as china's g.d.p. continues adding nine percent a year against the two and a half percent growth in the u.s. the reprimand seems to be in china. conformities one of the top value can be kind of devolved also reflected in the country's political and economic policy if it's not that china doesn't play by the rules it's actually quite the opposite what do you not it seems to have an issue with is that increasingly china rule that they pretty much washington would prefer to keep it. as the u.s. president hailed his new free trade asia pacific pact as a win win to boost trade in the region some in china took it as a predator effort to change rules need. free trade tend to be. in the
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eyes of the beholder. and true for you protection provided that i get. my precious industries at the. national interest so it's always a dilemma. as the euro crisis continues metastasizing throughout the world and china is asked to shoulder the load many analysts say the west should keep in mind its old adage about he who pays the piper china is really in the driver's seat in many respects and this is coming at an awkward time for the united states because the united states is clearly a declining power at the same time and it's having trouble adjusting to what that means many chinese proverbs are difficult to translate into english if those about money usually have exactly equivalent. one of them is money makes the world go round the concept that story actually familiar to washington and progressive to
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beijing. are at the apec summit in honolulu. and i just spoke to professor julian from the chinese university of hong kong he told us that political reasons in the united states are driving washington's criticism of beijing it created the difficulties before the u.s. had to raise employment rates. the current the difficulties of a u.s. government in creating jobs the fact that the u.s. has lost the competitive it's a competitive advantage in most of the traditional manufacturing industries. here china reduced its exports to the us i increasing its injury have a low wage emerging market countries with stephanie to replace that account so these kind of the big i think the chinese leaders hike in my view that you're going
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up holding the can you interest the national interests that the u.s. is president for the africans coaching's. china the chinese case the chinese economy and the chinese currency i use that as a go ask scapegoat for us a difficult economic difficulties again. the recent thread that's why i am in the us it's nearing its hearing i cannot get. asia pacific leaders in hawaii were also keen to shield themselves from the fallout in the eurozone little bit later on r.t. we see whether government changes in the e.u. will provide any protection. technocratic governments are taking over in debt ridden greece and italy but critics say they'll be better able to serve the interests of brussels. and you're in the army now well maybe the tough military like discipline looks set to be introduced in some u.k. schools will it make you perfectly behaved we are sent to investigate.
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syria has called the arab league's decision to suspend the country from the organization. a freeze and accompanying sanctions are due to come into force on wednesday already received right support from us however russia has strongly opposed the measure. was following the latest developments for us our peter good to see you so russia has long warned against sanctions and hasn't really changed its position tell us what exactly has been said. well russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has expressed russia's dismay at the decision to suspend syria from the arab league in this lover of went on to suggest that he saw the shadowy figures of western governments behind this decision to remove syria from the arab league now russia of course is opposed to any kind of military intervention and further sanctions to be imposed upon syria but they are concerned the situation in syria could go down perhaps a similar route as the situation in libya did where we saw outside military
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intervention foreign governments straying well beyond the parameters they were laid out in un resolution something that russia has said that they will do everything within their power to stop happening in syria as they try and push for a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict in the country. it is interesting how you draw the comparison here as we have heard from some human rights. so or calling about other people's rights protection in syria of course that was the whole un resolution one ninety seven three for libya they were supposed to protect civilians in the first place then as you know that the military intervention began but syria has called for an emergency meeting of the arab league to reverse the decision hasn't been any reaction to that yet well the arab league will hold that emergency meeting on wednesday now that meeting is expected to see the decision to suspend syria rubberstamp then and made it official now there's also been calls for further sanctions on syria from around the world the european union want to see the assets
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of eighteen people frozen that's expected to come through very shortly they also want to see further sanctions placed on the syrian government themselves now inside syria what we're seeing following this decision from the arab league to suspend them we're seeing mass protests we've also seen these protests turned violent the embassies of the saudi arabia of turkey and of fronts have all been attacked during those. protests against the decision to to dispose to. suspend syria from the arab league now since this conflict began eight months ago three thousand five hundred people are estimated to have being killed however the syrians say that suspending them from the arab league is not the way to bring an end to this still to this conflict right how to separate all of about five in the heart of moscow thank. you with r.t.
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it's all change for europe as technocrat governments take over in greece and italy in rome the former e.u. commissioner mario monti starts talks to form a new cabinet to tackle the country's huge debt. exports not whether the new unelected leaders can do a better job than the previous team. it was never going to be easy putting this suit unite europe seventeen countries of which are now in the one currency in the very beginning attracted fierce criticism we've witnessed the beginning of a dishonest and downright dangerous journey president. to revive the constitution but to do it in such a way that you want to avoid referendums in key member states some might now be wishing they'd heeded the warnings one after another and then the states begin to wobble it's least in the latest country to come under scrutiny we have been witnessing in less than. a growing pressure from europe and i'm talking in
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particular from france and germany hardly the u.k. certainly the european parliament and the commission for what it's going to start but the crisis is safer our senior leaders who quit and italy replaced by people who were never elected to office he made their way around brussels here in italy with berlusconi now gone doesn't. playing for reforms now need to be implemented to meet tough itamar for the first time since the quizes began talks have now begun to turn to the possibility of exit from the year or the creation of the call euro countries like germany seem to be leading the way i think it's not in the best interest of the germans to keep on going with this article or you're right you have behaved badly we've got a partition that's not a union in united states of america you for steve behaved badly imagine taxes behaving badly and you think obama is going to we're going to kick you out of
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united states of america no i'm not going to bribe the cooling sense of a bad year and greet with a good year a great has not gone unnoticed by struggling countries was this clear that these he waved a spent less now face a painful stereotype measures a sense of being treated like a naughty school child. then he added to the growing strain in the euro community it's only now started because well so see there was much more france and especially germany to the times there must be up to a say two to express a political leadership not just for their own countries but for europe as a whole your attentions have not called on this by the financial markets punish political leaders. in dealing with the crisis in struggling economies like italy even the. mistakes italy's being considered by many the test case for the entire a year you say it fails and it could take down the entire fifth the question now is
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whether or not those measures can be whether we'll see them going the same way as previous measures put forward by european leaders who say failed to come up with a convincing. third party. leaders are right now crossing a quarter past the hour here in moscow a three man crew bound for the international space station has successfully lifted off from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan this is the first manned flight after a similar soyuz rocket carrying an unmanned supply vessel crashed about to work shortly after takeoff that was three months ago now. was on the launchpad for. launch time at the baikonur cosmodrome these three med have gone up to join their colleagues on the international space station but they're late and unhappy about why it is a risky business you can never eliminate risk altogether that that's the bargain that you make for the privilege of flying humans and space on accomplishing what
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they do up there on the twenty fourth of august a supply rockets engines failed on its way up to the i.s.a.'s and it plummeted back to worth with a bang it was a manned but all launches were put on hold but worries about the safety of soyuz rockets now the only link to the space station crew since the last u.s. shuttle flight in july. this crew of their launch date set back their relatives were especially nervous after the program's crash what do you think about your husband's launch coming up so soon. it's too difficult it's better not to talk about it. the crew themselves though accept the dangers as part of the job. we're upset about the accident of course but every big project has some room for failure unfortunately this is not completely avoidable but we shouldn't climatized the situation. and so it was that rocket was lifted into place on its launch pad we
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can see the rockets taking off with what's appropriate. with deep sighs of relief all watched as the rocket blasted successfully into orbit leading the crew to experience what all the rest of us are retrievable. you can actually get a good here of the earth during the flight and the spacecraft but surely will have time to enjoy it better while the international space station for that view and from ams future in space they say the risk is worth it. tom watson r.t. . now the u.k. plans to get tough on gang culture by opening schools with stringent army like discipline the measure was proposed in response to the riots that shook the u.k. in the summer and while the plans authors believe discipline is key critics fear it could actually alienate problem youths further out is i when it explodes. as the
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going gets tough the tough get going army boot camps are the places set out of line it's this culture of self-control and government now wants to bring into schools so it's calling on the cavalry will former soldiers to stop the front line at the front of a classroom following the right to cross the u.k. government troops into teaching as a way it says to restore adult or thorazine wants to provide more male role models even giving teachers new powers to use physical force as a way to control disruptive pupils it's not a bad thing for children to know where they stand. if they get this side of the lie they will be punished accordingly if they stay on the right side of a lie. in the confines of the law and they will not be punished it's a line few would cross with a teacher like this and friends going to be headmaster of the new school where
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every teacher will be a former soldier uniform inspections and military style roll calls with a polish of a strict routine when you can maintain discipline in the theater war which is the most high pressured situation you can maintain discipline in a classroom and all them but with corporal punishment now i stick close many fear it will push an already alienated youth further away i think they would start building their own gang as they've been through all the police now i've seen replays behave towards our kids it's two games into it you can see the police are a gang it would be the army kids i think it would become more unruly it is charity takes in problem peoples the state system chucks out and turns their lives around according to teachers here it's about finding the right kind of stimulation rather than just cracking the whip they become unruly because they're bored putting discipline in isn't the answer just on the tone discipline yes but at
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making sure to call something at their own level for this sixteen year old that happened to be art he was expelled from school after what he will only refer to as an incident and is still too afraid to be identified back then he was on course to fail all his exams but after just a year passed fourteen a far cry from someone supposedly too disruptive to teach. more discipline in children's schools do you think that would have worked for you. when we're really. serious close and poor and cause there's a lot of talking and shit works so you can focus on the wouldn't really want to go to listen to an individual attention was the only thing that turned this boy's education around but with a system that prides itself on conformity the battle could be only just beginning i've been it's not see london. i want to remember you can always find it many more stories on our website r.t.e.
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dot com here's a quick look at what else is lined up for you there right now but even if colonel gadhafi had lived another one hundred years he could not have killed more people than nato did during its bombing of libya that's what one syrian people about beliefs and watches full interview with r.t. top card. and in the caucuses there's a no winner in the republic of south thirty years a first round of voting with none of the presidential candidates getting the required number of votes find out who's left to fight it out in the second round of arctic dot com. a crew member is reported missing and another person in critical critical condition after a fire on a cruise ship in moscow twenty one people were on board when the fire broke out in the early hours of monday morning most escaped unharmed with at least two reporting injuries but faulty wiring or negligence is thought to have caused the blaze which is still going along hours after it started this is not the first incident on the
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water in russia this year in july nine died in a boat collision in moscow and in the same month one hundred twenty died when a pleasure cruiser sank on the volga river. ok let's get some other headlines from around the world for you this hour now in the world update now the norwegian who confessed to killing seventy seven people has appeared in a public court for the first time. was behind july's shooting rampage at a youth camp on the island of toyah and a car bomb attack in oslo as previous hearings have been held behind closed doors says he was fighting against what he saw as a marxist islamic takeover of europe the main trial expected to start in april. three french aid workers held hostage in yemen for almost half a year have now been freed they were kidnapped by suspected al-qaeda militants at a restaurant east of the capital in may no details have been given about the terms of release kidnappings of foreigners are frequent in yemen but most of the hostages
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have been freed unharmed. an explosion has killed seven and injured over a dozen in the northwest of china the blast ripped through a commercial building in a suburb or busy and city and shattered windows far away from the scene but it is believed the explosion may have been caused by a gas leak in a restaurant. in portland police in riot gear have surrounded hundreds of occupy protesters in central park after they ignored in fiction all those officers used buttons and threatened to arrest them if they didn't comply protesters are part of a larger movement against social and economic inequality and corporate greed in america and around the world. like a computer is here now to give you the latest in the world of business. prince rory hello and a warm welcome to business see italy as no other choice but to exit the euro zone and bring back its national currency even if this means the collapse of the euro so
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says prominent economist luteal to be also known as dr. six countries very solid to go to italy spain cyprus that have different degrees of economic fiscal and financial difficulties than one or more of them a made to a structure that uses five of them public that's one or more of them may have to take to the eurozone if enough of them exit the eurozone that that's a likely implies a breakup of the eurozone well that's maybe strangling europe but here in russia the budget position is reassuringly strong however burbank's senior vice president in his budget office believes there is no room for complacency the books may be balanced but the russian economy still has a number of problems that need to be addressed. and russia is obviously in a very different situation we as as a whole countries russia faces challenges but they those challenges are different.
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and have fairly good short term position from a physical standpoint there are plentiful reserves that being said pressure remains critically dependent on commodity prices and. there is some concern over the medium term fiscal. signal to the markets european markets losing some of the gains seen in the early hours on news that is new starts of building a new government in losses mr blodgett easing fears of europe's debt crisis well right now the market is looking flat to negative the footsie down by not should explain further of a percent of these borrowing costs however down to six point four percent well below dangerous levels on confidence they call most mario monti rule for a strong government with out of the tax. russia has started the week on a positive note with a nice shooting up more than one percent the first day of trading but it's now
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calmed down still they maintain this was the dynamics financials are in the lead with bt believe we can show that you know there's some kind of technical problem d.t.b. is one of the biggest out there. is the one of the biggest gainers there are one point nine percent this is our no but also of course the news coming out in the program about who will make potentially in line with the qatar company it's up two percent after also reporting first nine month net profit up almost ninety percent and gold is down more than one percent as the precious metal has become a. russian many of giant roussel the first quarter net profit as more than doubled to two hundred ninety million dollars a year in the year that's after high product prices and an appreciation of the ruble helped push their overall revenues how about first deputy c.e.o. of your beliefs the course is a main achievement was
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a reduction in operating of finance cost. what we achieved the third quarter and we're going to keep this result further it's an auction of our cost but significant reduction if we compare it with the second quarter of a fortune for their drop i'm putting me on preston did not he was so diligent to try to much better result in the cup the second quarter but as you see it was short that was over the last year but difficult to say what we please will keep that if you don't march of the same level and the difference i think with that we will maintain the low cost mentality positions local sproles cost producer and see the situation up. cats eyes and talks to acquire a stake in the arctic liquefied natural gas project led by russia's gas producer nova tech the project is expected to produce five million tonnes of l.n.g. per year when production begins in twenty sixteen to then triple vis the value over the next couple of years qatar's energy minister mohammad ali says the country is
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keen to take thought. up on this very much interested in the investment of the sun generally read as it can you can see the money is. an important projects and we are really interested in. being. part participant in the from. the. point of view and we are. back in the discussions and negotiation a lot of products all right michael another sign yes there will be in fifteen minutes time with enough labor headlines the next. the.
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commitment. to the. pier.